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Aloe Mistique products have been sold and used nationally by beauty salons, specialty boutiques, physical therapists and medical facilities for nearly 20 years. Many of our products were originally formulated under the "Aloe Mist" label, and sold through it's world-wide distributor organization. Many of these original highly sought-after products have been maintained in the Aloe Mistique product lines. Our manufacturing facilities remain in the USA near the large plantations of Aloe Vera plants. This allows us to select only the highest quality plants and produce the most pure and refined aloe available.

Aloe Mistique was first started in the beauty salon industry in a group of salons recognizing that beauty goes beyond hair care and that the salon could better service their clientele by providing the finest skin care to complement the latest fashions in hair design. This concept grew into a full line of Aloe-based skin care treatments for lasting beauty, not simply covering blemishes and the signs of aging. The Aloe Mistique products are formulated to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin's natural ability to repair and maintain that healthy glow. In fact, our healing products are so effective that physical therapists and hospitals use our products.

With todays changing consumer needs and desire for convenience, our marketing is expanding to include private skin care distributors and consultants, AND, we are now making our special aloe formulations available to a broader market directly through internet sales for your convenience.

Innovative Skin Care Fitness System

Aloe Mistique's mission is to provide the best Aloe Vera based skin care products available today by combining the best of nature and science. We use Aloe Vera gel, not water or glycerin, as the base for all products, offering you the highest aloe concentrations attainable in skin care products.

Aloe Vera is naturally absorbed by the skin and when formulated with pharmaceutical grade ingredients, delivers one of the most effective skin treatments available. Our original formulas have been available to salons and medical facilites for nearly 20 years. Our product line features a full complement of face and neck care products, body soothing lotions and healing creams, relief lotion for aches and pains, teen problem skin treatments, anti-aging anti-oxidants.

Our products are hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, and contain natural anti-oxidants and SPF protection. We do not participate in animal testing.

Natural Benefits of Aloe Vera

The use of aloe vera can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. The glamorous Cleopatra regarded aloe vera as her beauty secret. Aloe was held in such reverence that it was considered the Egyptian "Plant of Immortality". Drawings of the aloe plant have even been found inscribed in the tombs of pharaohs. Today the many therapeutic attributes of aloe are well known and available in pharmaceutical formulations of varying quality.

Benefits of Pure Aloe

Aloe . . . readily penetrates and is quickly absorbed into the skin.

Aloe . . . is a natural humectant, drawing moisture to itself and into the skin.

Aloe . . . is a natural exfoliator, eliminating dead skin cells.

Aloe . . . is naturally pH balanced reducing irritation even to sensitive skin.

Aloe . . . is proven to shorten the healing time of minor cuts, burns and scrapes.

Aloe . . . enhances the effectiveness of treating acne, rashes minor skin irritations, dry skin, chaffing, chapped lips and more, when combined with scientifically proven pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Aloe . . . has natural SPF protection.

Benefits of Aloe Mistique Processing

Unique Cold Processing . . . Aloe Mistique aloe is cold processed to retain all natural enzymatic activities and to preserve heat sensitive constituents necessary for better healing. This cold stabilization guarantees a minimum of a year shelf life under normal conditions when stored unopened in factory packaging.

Color Stable . . . Aloe Mistique aloe cold processing provides unique color stability of long duration which allows the product to maintain its natural clear pleasing color, for non-staining use.

Compatible with Alkaline . . . Aloe Mistique aloe retains its color stability even in alkaline products with pH values of up to 9 which allow our products to work with a wide variety of skin care products, and skin types.

Consistency Batch to Batch . . . Aloe Mistique aloe is subjected to quality control procedures that assure batch-to-batch consistency for a botanically derived product. This provides a reliable product that the consumer can count on every time.

Virtually Aloin-free .. .Aloe Mistique aloe is prepared from mature leaves harvested at peak condition, hand-filleted, with the aloin removed to prevent leeching of natural ingredients which aids the healing power of Aloe.