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Aloe Acne Care System
Natural Aloe Acne Care

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Step 1 - 72% Aloe Foam Botanical Wash - our natural deep foaming cleanser removes surface oils and is formulated specifically to cleanse, smooth and soften, normal to oily skin.

Step 2 - 80% Aloe Splash - our toner is alcohol-free and botanically enriched for superior use on oily to normal skin. Splash is specifically formulated to remove undesirable oils and provide deep cleaning of the pores associated with troubled or acne prone skin. With a hint of essence of tangerine, this natural toner cleans, freshens and invigorates your skin.

Step 3 - 65% Aloe Quench - our oil and fragrance free light moisturizing cream is designed for oily to normal skin. Quench is enriched with natural firming botanicals and natural anti-oxidants for superior use as a daily moisturizer and hydrator. Refresh and repair acne prone skin.

Step 4 - 70% Aloe Zit Zap - our strong natural acne and blemish fighting treatment is tough on problem skin. It's formulated with the exact combination of benzoyl peroxide, glycolic acid and tea tree oil to optimize the treatment and healing of blemished skin. In addition, pure aloe vera is used as the base to provide hydration and moisture along with anti-oxidants to maintain healthy skin.