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Aloe Chrysalis
Natural Wrinkle Reducer

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Product Code: A-C115

This 10 –12 % glycolic acid (alpha-hydroxyacid) is an extremely effective skin cell exfoliater and is useful for a long list of skin conditions. Most notably is reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, age spots, dry flaking skin and of course relief for acne prone skin. In acne prone or blemished skin Chrysalis will help in loosening oil blocks in each pore and around the hair follicles to reduce the swelling, redness and soreness. In aging skin the reduction in the appearance of fine lines occurs more subtle over time. Combine Chrysalis with Aloe Mistiques' Natural Cosmetic Lift 6 week program and see both immediate and more dramatic result with the program.

10 – 12% Glycolic acid (a alpha-hydroxyacid which occurs naturally in food and is appropriate for cosmetic use. Useful for a long list of skin conditions